Bay Area Maternity and Newborn Baby Photography serving the San Francisco Bay Area from Alameda, CA



My name is Marcela Limon and I'm behind the lens of Lemonshoots. I'm an award winning, certified newborn photographer through APNPI (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International) and I'm passionate about newborn safety.  I'm also a published author and I'm looking for babies to include in my upcoming book.

When you book your maternity or newborn photo session with me, you won't only get beautiful pictures in return, but an experience that will stay in your heart for years.

I'll make you feel gorgeous and powerful during your maternity session and in love with your partner and your future baby. I'll capture your first moments as a family during your newborn session, surrounded by laughter, cuteness and tons of love.  

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Motherhood is by far my favorite miracle on Earth.  Carrying life inside you and giving birth to perfect little mini-persons makes me hold my breath in awe.  If these precious moments are not worth capturing, I don't know which are. Your life is changing. Your family is growing. Your story is being written. Let me capture these memories for you, so you can go back to them whenever you feel life has flown by.